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1: Summoner Name?
2: What got you into League? When?
My friend told me I should try it during the end of season 3.
3: Would you go as far as saying League changed your life? For better or worse?
Yes. I never played online with others nor talked on Skype prior to LoL.
4: Favourite champion?
Riven and Nidalee mostly and also Vayne, Katarina, Syndra, Nami - can't decide...
5: First champion?
6: Least Favorite champion?
Dunno maybe Draven or Wukong lol
7: Who is the most misunderstood champion?
8: Who is the most overrated champion?
Fiddlesticks and Yasuo maybe
9: Who is the most underrated champion?
Cassiopeia and Sejuani
10: Which champion would you hate fighting against if they were real?
All of them?
11: Which champion would you hate fighting with on your team if they were real? Which would you love?
Probably Draven because his attitude in the lore. I'd want to fight with Riven though.
12: What champion can you most relate to? If any?
Riven. She's an lonely exile who's seen some shit.
13: Do you ship any of the champions? Who?
Garen and Katarina. Zed and Syndra.
14: Which champion do you want to learn more about, lore wise?
Syndra, she's so interesting. Also Zed
15: Roles you can play? Which do you prefer?
Can go all roles, but dunno struggling to find my preferable role... I like Riven?
16: First role learned?
ADC I suppose
17: First skin?
Aristocrat Vayne I believe
18: Favorite skin?
Championship Riven, wish I had it.
Battle Bunny Riven / Headhunter Nidalee when it comes to those I own though.
19: Least favorite skin?
The Mecha skins...
20: How much money have you spent on League? Did you ever expect to spend that much?
Dunno A LOT. and no.
21: Biggest in-game peeve?
22: How do you deal with toxic players, personally?
Depends, if I play poorly I get more mad at myself than mad at them. But yeah Idunno you just get so fucking mad some times anyway but usually I don't try to type anything.
23: Favorite piece of fancreation?
Zed x Syndra comics.
24: Favorite League Merch? Do you own any? Do you want any?
I have a miniature Nidalee-spear and a miniature Riven sword which are both epic.

25: Favorite League Fan-creator?
No one in particular.

26: Favorite Pro-team?
Used to be Gambit. Now SKT and Origen/FNC

27: Favorite Pro-Player?

28: Favorite website for Info on League?
Surrender at 20

29: : Favorite song to listen to while playing?
Depends a lot on how sad I feel.

30: Best League related youtube video?
Mine. jk dunno

31: Which champion and/or skin do you want to buy next?
Got all champs. Probably Demon Vi when released though